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Family Spotlight: Amanda

Homeschool Hub Utah loves to give you a peek into the worlds of homeschooling families in Utah. There is wonderful variety in our statewide homeschooling community. Although the ideas and advice presented in family spotlights are not officially endorsed by HHU, we hope you gain encouragement and inspiration for your own family, regardless of how similar or different your situation may be.


What were the benefits of homeschooling? So many things. We set our own schedule. We take breaks when we want.

Strong family relationships.

Learning together.

Kids learn to be self-directed in their learning.

We could individualize each child’s education plan tailored to their needs.

What is the most important thing you think happened in your family because of homeschooling? When my kids ran into any kind of trouble, they came to us. We worked together to help solve the issue. My kids know who they are and are happy humans.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind while homeschooling grade-school children? Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple. Don’t push things before they are ready. All kids are ready at different times. What would you tell yourself if you were just starting out homeschooling again for the first time ? Just breathe. Stop worrying. The kids will learn something good just by being with you. Why did you start homeschooling? We felt it was a God-inspired calling and we are so grateful for the journey.

Did you need help homeschooling? Always. Who doesn’t? We learned to reach out to others and build communities around us. Get tutors and use community resources to fill the needs for each of our kids.

Do you feel it is important for children to have outside mentors? Why? And if yes, at what age? We personally feel it is important. Each kid may be different though. Some may not need them until they are 18. But others need them by age 12.

How do I help each child reach their potential? Seek God's direction for each child. See their individual genius. Let them have agency in their learning.

How do I keep the love of learning alive in my child’s life? Again, agency. Let them choose. Let them own their education. When they have a say in what they are learning they buy in and push themselves more. Feed their interests. If they show interest in a subject, help them pursue it. Don’t be upset when they switch interests. Let them explore.

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