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Family Spotlight: Bridget Anderson

Homeschool Hub Utah spotlights homeschooling families throughout Utah to highlight and share the great diversity, but also great unity, between the homeschoolers in this state. Although HHU does not necessarily sponsor or endorse all ideas and viewpoints shared by our spotlight families, we hope you gain encouragement and inspiration for your own family, regardless of how similar or different your situation may be.


I was shy as a young kid. Homeschooling allowed me to have the safe environment and extra time that I needed to grow out of that shell. If I had not been homeschooled, I would most likely have stayed in that reputation of being the shy kid. Instead, I excelled and came back in high school as the bubbly outgoing kid. Neither are a bad way to be, as long as you get the opportunity to choose your path and have flexibility for change.

Getting an early start in my college career at Lumen Scholar Institute, a high school built by homeschool moms, has helped me to get the same degree as my peers in less time and with less debt. It has helped me so much and has been a blessing in my life. One blessing is that I was able to spend extra time with my family as a young adult while many of my peers were still far from home at a university. Something I loved most from my younger years was that it was a time of figuring out where I belonged and what I was worth. A major part of this was the Gospel of Jesus Christ and learning of my identity and worth to God; my family life and growing closer with them through family activities and every day life with homeschooling; another part of this was my high school years with Lumen scholar, where I learned that my social worth was more than what social group I belonged to. The people at Lumen were very loving and all inclusive. We kids helped each other to succeed as well as our teachers. What did my family do to help me succeed? They did everything for me. My parents worked hard to raise their four children in love and righteousness, with adventures and lessons, and with God in the home. My mother was never into homeschooling or holistic health before we were elementary age. She was prompted to take my older sister’s wish for homeschooling and make it real. She was scared of being mocked by neighbors and being an outsider. She did this hard thing though, and it became one of the our family’s biggest blessings. My dad always followed my mother with these promptings. He worked for us and came along on the adventures when he could. My siblings and I are still siblings, but we do consciously try to help each other succeed when we are soft hearted.

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