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Why Homeschool

All of us have an inner purpose. When we’re on purpose, we thrive and feel a deep sense of fulfilment. What is your purpose for wanting to homeschool? Take some time to figure this out. Because when you know your "WHY", and write it down, it will sustain you in the challenging moments and help you to find value in your efforts until it gets fun again.

Finding Your "Why"

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Ask "Why" First

Many times, when we start something new, we begin with the "What are we going to do?" or "How are we going to do it?" Instead, we suggest you begin homeschooling by first considering your "Why am I going to homeschool?"


By asking this question first, all your other actions will make sense through your preparations and through the school year. Especially as challenges or lack of motivation arise, which they will definitely do. See Simon Sinek's TED Talk below for more details on this way of thinking.

Here is a snippet, taken from Chelsea Gonzalez' blogpost on "Finding Your Why When Homeschooling Gets Tough," that will hopefully inspire you to dig deep and know your reasons well. Her full blogpost is well worth reading and shares many good ideas to help you in this area.


Why "Why" Matters

So why does finding your “why” matter so much?

Homeschooling is overwhelming, exhausting, and downright difficult at times. Without a compelling reason, you may be left muddling through the days and wondering what you are even doing. This is most often seen in January and February when people are coming out of holiday mode and experiencing cabin fever.

During these times of discouragement, finding your “why” will help you reevaluate your methods, rethink your short-term goals, and ensure that your short-term goals are in line with your end goals. Discovering—or rediscovering—your reasons for homeschooling can reignite your flame and give you the energy to jump back in wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, going back to basics and looking at your “why” could also help you understand that homeschooling is not right for your family during this season. This is something that is best to discover sooner rather than later, so this process is helpful no matter the outcome.

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