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You are an entrepreneur or business owner who creates value for Utah parents to assist them in educating their children. We want to connect you with parents and we want parents to connect with you. You're in the right place!

Who We Are connects and empowers parents to give their children the best education they can. We serve the homeschool community with our beginner's resources, regional listings of education groups and co-ops, and information on a variety of useful educational locations and ideas. Our audience is made up of homeschooling parents, both beginners and experienced, as well as those considering homeschooling in Utah, those whose children are in a variety of schooling options (co-ops, charter schools, etc.). Our subscribers are looking for solutions to enhance their children's education.

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We want to connect homeschoolers with great educational resources and to connect great educational resources with homeschoolers. Part of that mission includes helping businesses and individuals to reach their ideal market off of social media.

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