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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Curriculum: Insights from Cathy Duffy

As a homeschool mom, I found the podcast episode "347 | The Art of Choosing Curriculum" from "The Homeschool Solutions Show" incredibly insightful and encouraging. Cathy Duffy is renowned in the homeschool world for her thorough curriculum reviews on Here's a quick summary of the conversation between Janice Campbell and Cathy Duffy:

1. Understanding Learning Styles: Cathy Duffy's insights on learning styles were eye-opening. She breaks it down into four types: Wiggly Willy (kinesthetic learners who need to move), Perfect Paula (auditory learners who follow instructions well), Competent Carl (independent learners who like to take control), and Sociable Sue (social learners who thrive in group settings). It’s so helpful to recognize that my kids each have unique ways of learning, and it’s okay to tailor our methods to fit their needs.

2. Setting Goals: Before diving into curriculum choices, Cathy stressed the importance of setting clear goals for our homeschool. This can include academic targets, but also things like improving study habits or integrating our faith into daily lessons. It’s a great reminder that our homeschooling journey should align with our family’s values and priorities.

3. Adapting Teaching Methods: One of the biggest takeaways was the flexibility we need in our teaching. If something isn’t working, it’s perfectly fine to switch it up. Whether it’s using more hands-on materials, changing the pace, or trying oral lessons instead of written ones, the goal is to make learning effective and enjoyable for our kids.

4. Types of Homeschooling: Cathy and Janice also talked about the different homeschooling styles out there, like traditional, classical, Charlotte Mason, unit studies, and unschooling. It’s all about finding what fits best with our family’s educational philosophy and making sure the curriculum supports that approach.

5. Evaluating Progress: Instead of feeling pressured to complete every page of a textbook, we should focus on whether we’re meeting our educational goals. Regularly assessing our progress and being willing to adjust our plans ensures that our kids are truly learning and growing.

This episode left me feeling more confident and equipped to choose the right curriculum for my family. If you want to listen for yourself, you can find the full episode on the Homeschool Solutions Show website.

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