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Resource Guides for Utah Homeschoolers

When you make the decision to homeschool, everything seems possible as well as impossible. Where to start? Well, we've all been there and we remember those feelings. Many Utah homeschool moms have created resource guides to help you begin. Really, the biggest problem is no longer where to find information, but to know what will work for you and your family.

Here are several of the resource guides made available by homeschool moms for you:

Tips for New Homeschoolers

Created by an experienced Cache Valley homeschooler, Aersta Acerson, she includes topics such as knowing your why, creating systems and addressing expectations, as well as deschooling and parenting, to name a few.

School at Home Options in Utah

This handout includes information about different ways that homeschooling can look. It discusses true homeschooling, dual enrollment, distance learning, online schools, and more.

Cache Valley Handout: Favorite Home Education Resources

This handout includes information on topics such as websites & social media, books, different curriculum (LA, Math, Science, History, Geography), and more.

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