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Special Populations

Many of us are blessed to have children in our lives who learn differently than others. Amazingly, the strategies that help them learn the best also help everyone else in our household to learn best.

What do you need to know to homeschool your special needs child in Utah?

Wherever you are in your special needs homeschooling journey--whether just starting out, you've got a little experience under your belt, or you're considering teaching your child at home after public school--you'll have many questions and will need lots of support.

Homeschooling a special needs child in Utah also brings up several questions, as well. We've compiled some resources below to help you with your questions.

There are answers for your questions.

special populations

Some of these questions might be going through your mind:

  • Can I really do this?

  • Why is learning so hard?

  • How do I homeschool with my child's special needs?

  • What about planning, Evaluating, and Record Keeping?

  • How do I do high school and beyond with special needs?

  • Will my special needs child qualify for funding in Utah?

The most common question is whether your special needs child will qualify for funding if you choose to homeschool them. The short answer is, No. There is a possibility, however, that the school district where you live will consider and offer services to your child. This is possible through the opportunity of dual enrollment that all Utah homeschoolers are eligible to receive. It is a process that you and your school district must pursue together. For more info on the state's policies, see Utah Parent Center's webpage on Eligibility for Special Education Services.

We've compiled some additional great resources to help you answer these and many more of your questions. You can find those below.

Teaching My Kids:

Special Needs Website (HSLDA)

Special Needs Resources: How to Guide for Homeschooling (

Articles for Assisting Many Different Needs (ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and More)

Don't See Your Favorite Resource?

We want to have the best resources for homeschoolers in Utah and we need your help! 

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