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Creating a Purposeful Learning Environment With Intentional Parenting

Everyone experiences it: As the days become shorter and colder, siblings and parents spend more time indoors with each other. The increased interactions and additional indoor activities can lead to some challenging days. Need some inspiration? Listen to Utah's Homegrown Homeschooler, Meg Thomas, for 11 minutes of inspiration on how to be intentional in your home and improve the learning environment!

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This post is an oldie (from November 22, 2023) but a goodie. You've probably heard the story before of the mom who changed her kids' lives through expecting them to read. Coach Meg Thomas goes into a little more detail and connects the story with tips on how to make your home an educational environment with her short but inspiring 11 minute podcast.

And since we're all moms and have no time--here's the spoiler of how to do that!

It starts with us, the Mom. With the way we prepare our "soil" (our home) with our own actions. One of my favorite quotes from Coach Meg - "You cannot plant seeds in a pile of weeds." What does she mean by this? We prepare our homes every day with our attitude and behavior. Four things she mentions:

  1. Be Calm.

  2. Be Patient.

  3. Decrease Yelling.

  4. Insist on Good Behavior by exhibiting our own, first.

If you have a few more minutes today to listen, I highly recommend hearing the whole podcast! Go here to listen to Meg Thomas' podcast on the Power of Intentional Parents.

You cannot plant seeds in a pile of weeds. -Meg Thomas


Meg Thomas is a certified Life Coach, a mother of seven and a homeschool pro with more than a decade of experience. She works to show anyone how to create success in their homeschool. You can listen to her podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and YouTube! Find her and other Homegrown Utah Homeschoolers here on our website.

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