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Freezer Meals: The Secret Superpower Every Homeschool Mom Needs!

Are you a homeschool mom like me, juggling lesson plans, science experiments, and the constant search for missing pencils? Fear not, superhero mom, because I've got the ultimate solution that will not only save your sanity but also make you feel like a genius—freezer meals! Some of you may have already tapped this genius idea, but for those of you who are new to this or have forgotten how awesome it can be, picture this:

It's 3 PM, and you're mind-deep in algebra equations, trying to explain the intricacies of mixing letters with numbers to your child. Suddenly, the clock strikes 5 PM, and you realize you forgot about dinner! (Sound familiar? You’re not alone!) Panic sets in, but you realize you don’t need to panic after all. Freezer meals are already waiting to save you from that dinnertime witching hour chaos! 

Freezer meals are like the superhero cape every homeschool mom deserves. They swoop in with a burst of flavor and save the day when you least expect it. Forget the stress of last-minute pizza runs or the guilt of serving cereal for the third night in a row. With freezer meals, you'll have a freezer of deliciousness waiting for you!

Now, let's talk about the magical convenience of pulling out a pre-prepped, home-cooked meal from your freezer. Imagine the sheer delight on your kids' faces when they discover that, despite your busy day of conquering the homeschool frontier, a delicious, mouth-watering meal awaits them. But they already expect that from supermom, right? So you will just be living up to your title. Give yourself permission to enjoy this wonderful moment. You deserve it! 

Freezer meals aren't just about survival; they're about thriving. They give you the freedom to reclaim your evenings, indulge in some well-deserved "me time," or even join the kids in a spontaneous dance party—because pre-prepped dinners and  easy night-time routines are always a winner! 

This has helped us so much on busy days (which are every weekday) and are also just a mental release where I don’t have to sit on a Sunday and plan every single meal. I think planning breakfast and lunches are enough. 

So, dear homeschool mom, unleash the power of freezer meals and watch as your stress melts away.  Below, you will find a list we have provided of scrumptious tried-and-true recipes you can prep and freeze for your family all year long!


P.S. Another great idea is to start a meal swap with some moms in your circle. It is something we have also tried this year and has saved so much money and stress. You meal prep one meal for 4-6 families and you are done for the week. I have even given myself the challenge to stay under $100 every week. So think of it as spending $100 for dinners for the week, and in this economy, I call that winning! 

Freezer Meals: 


Amaris Rea is a homeschool mama of 4 + 1 angel baby. A native of SoCal, she married her Australian sweetheart and after 10 years of Australian living and homeschooling, she is now back in the States and enjoying this new adventure here in Utah. She has a passion for photography and for coaching new photographers. See her work on Insta at @AmarisCrystalPhoto.

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