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Homeschooling is an exciting educational journey that will benefit your children and build strong family bonds.


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Homeschool Hub of Utah seeks to unite local homeschool efforts by connecting homeschoolers with resources in one central location, by empowering parents through resources and teaching opportunities to find or create what they need, and by serving communities who need support to build their homeschool connection.


Who's Homeschool Hub Utah? (HHU)

Homeschool Hub Utah is a volunteer organization inspired in the hearts of ten Utah County women as we observed new homeschoolers asking the same questions about what resources and groups exist for support. These new moms were struggling in ways that each of us had experienced and we felt there was a better way.


Each homeschool mother on the HHU Board is in her own unique place on this journey. Some of us are just starting out, many of us are raising babies alongside our tweens, while yet others are veterans who've graduated all our kids and now seek to help this next generation of homeschoolers. Our goals of supporting and creating "the village" unite us in our efforts to create community and an information support network for our Utah homeschool friends.

If our cause is your cause as well, we'd love to talk more with you and to learn how we can add your skills to our team!

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stories of homeschool parents
The Vrajich Family

My sister homeschooled and I thought she was crazy. Why would you have your kids at home with you ALL THE TIME? I was so excited to send them to school. But I read a book just before my oldest would go into Kindergarten and I just couldn't deny the feeling that my children were meant to have a different education path. 

I love homeschooling because of the flexibility, the individualized education and speed, the time together as a family and also the joy of being with my kids during all kinds of cool breakthroughs and understandings. I love that it brings wonder back into my life. I love all that I get to learn.

It is hard having all 5 kids home all the time! It definitely takes a lot of work and is cultivating a deep patience in me. My kids have gone to public school for one year, so I know how much easier it is!

But, when they begged me to bring them back home, I did it. I know that God can strengthen us to do anything we need to do. And, when we pray each year about which of the many educational choices we should partake of, I know that no matter what answer I get, I will be strengthened to accomplish it. These are His children, and He knows just how to prepare them for their life. 

That is the biggest thing homeschool has taught me - to Trust in something bigger than myself. I am not capable of doing this. But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I feel so grateful I have been led down this path.

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