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Every Utah parent who chooses to educate their family at home can efficiently access resources, form connections and community, and be empowered to educate their children how they see fit

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HHU is your guide to getting started and taking the next steps in your homeschool journey in Utah.

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January is the time of year when you have given all your best-laid plans a solid go and have found all the pain points. Everything that you’ve been eeking along, trying to do with optimism and joy, putters out, and your last bit of energy is zapped. This often resulted in a very burnt-out mom who hated everything and desperately needed a vacation. Often we need a reset in January, and I’m not advocating otherwise, but might I suggest a softer approach to this time of goal setting and resolutions?

Happy Childhood
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Natalie Ockey, creator of the website Utah’s Adventure Family, shares how her family survives winter! As the weather starts to get cooler, families find it a little more difficult to get out together, especially in the great outdoors. We often want to snuggle up and stay home! While we love reading books, playing games, and finishing puzzles together, there are plenty of fun activities that you can do even in the winter. Some are indoors and some are outdoors, but we are going to share 10 of our favorite ways to leave the house during the cold winter months.

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Though there are just as many ways to homeschool as there are homeschooled children, there are some timeless principles that, if adopted and put into practice, help lay the foundation of the enriching, character building, loving, and wholesome environment many of us strive to provide for the precious little persons in our care.

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I tried all the things I could think of to start doing self care. You know, the oxygen mask first and all that. It wasn’t until I realized that true self-care wasn’t really about going out with friends or getting your nails done (although those are very nice, too). True self-care is more about creating habits that help you feel more energized. It encompasses the things that help you add more power to your day.

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Homeschool HUB helped me find the homeschool co-op that best fit my needs! It was easy to navigate the website, and helped narrow down my options. I was very pleased with my experience and highly recommend it to other parents looking to homeschool in Utah!

Anneliese's Story, South Jordan

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68% percent of homeschooled students report an increased happiness when they first start homeschooling. And yet, a significant number of new homeschoolers give up homeschooling within their 1st year. Why?


The kids miss their friends and parents feel they’re failing.


Both of these reasons are eliminated by what we do. Help us connect homeschoolers with the resources they need to succeed in their goals and to give them hope.

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